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The David Arm Show is There's been lots of talk about lead funnels and email marketing. The problem is, to get a funnel working is costly with paid advertising unless your product or service sells. My podcast is about setting up your email funnel and lead funnel from free traffic. Once you get the free traffic working and converting, you can then upscale with paid advertising.
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Sep 13, 2019

I’m always intrigued in the way other expert email marketers creatively use autoresponders. These tips are from looking at many expert forums and the many “ah ha” moments other experts shared. I hope you find these tips as useful as I do and are now my standard process when setting up autoresponders for other people. So let's jump right in.


Auto Responder Uses

Client Birthday Campaign - When you get new clients, add their date of birth to your contact list and set up a trigger on your AutoResponder, that if today matches their month and day of birth, then send a happy birthday email, discount voucher, either something meaningful or of value.

This technique can also be used for Christmas and Easter. It's a great way of keeping you fresh in your client's mind.

Send Weekly reports automatically With fixed links - Many times you need to email your client a progress update whether this is a PDF, spreadsheet or a general summary.

A great way to do this is to have a link on a web server that links to a file and has that link as a weekly email in your autoresponder where you only replace the Old file with a new file and keep the same filename, so the URL never changes, only the document changes with the latest updated information then your done. The automation takes over on autopilot with your Autoresponder.

This is a great way to keep to weekly reports and their deadlines which automatically gets sent out on autopilot. Just means you need to make sure the report is ready the previous day and uploaded to the link which gets sent out by email’.


Auto Fill Forms - Leads Bridge is a fantastic service that integrates into your website and syncronises either the users Google account details or their LinkedIn account details and auto-populates forms your visitor or clients come to on your site, from email signups, shipping details etc. When they enter their name, the form automatically fills out the rest of the details which is fast and convenient for potential clients or existing clients to fill out. This gives the user gives a great user experience as it saves them tying out email addresses, billing addresses, phone numbers etc.


Notification when your client is on your site.

Most autoresponder software will let you put tracking code into the back end of your website and when your autoresponder sends an email with a URL to visit a page on your site and those visitors who visit your website, flag to your email autoresponder which you set up a trigger on your autoresponder and once running sends you, or another team member an email with the visitor's email address. Which gives you a great chance to give the client a call asking if you can help with anything.


Email Challenges with daily emails

Sometimes we feel like we want our autoresponders to do magical things and then we think that's crazy. Then we wonder how other companies pull it off.

A great tip here is, there are many Facebook groups that cover autoresponders as we don't know everything, so join those groups and ask questions that you would like to be possible, but not sure if they are, as there will always be an expert who has done what you need before you and will share the advice for free.

I have learned many things this way and not just on Autoresponders, but SEO and development too.


Use Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager - At first glance, it looks complicated. Thankfully there are loads of YouTube videos that focus on One clear function at a time.

One function I love about Google Tag Manager is, it can look at a form or a page then submit a tag to that page before it submits to your Autoresponder.

An example of this could be when a user subscribes to your website, you can add an additional field. Google Tag Manager can populate that additional field before the form gets sent to your autoresponder, so you know what page on your website got the sign-up.

Where this is beneficial is. If you have lots of pages and lots of people signing up, you can tag each email address at sign up which then tells you each person's interest when you want to send an email so you can group each person who signs up by the page topic or page tag they signed up by, meaning you can send very relevant emails to that group of your email list.

Even better, you can start an automation sequence based on a tag making the whole process automated. At least if your email server supports tagging. If you're not sure, drop your email service an email asking if they support tagging and automation from tags.


Integrate Push Notifications from your autoresponder

With GDPR more people now use double opt-in. One issue with this is not all emails get sent instantly and lower conversion rate for those who give up for the evening and check their emails the next day and skip your email in the masses.

This is why many marketers have a push notification accept button on their thank-you page saying “to get early bird notification of new hints and tips please accept the push notification and click Allow.

Then once the confirmation email gets sent, a Zapier trigger gets fired and sends a push notification to your new-subscribers desktop or mobile phone telling them to check their email which you have sent saying something like “You have just received an email from to get your download”. This process catches more missed opportunities and gives you a higher signup conversion.



This has been a whirlwind tour and while not every top tip is here. If you feel I have missed a major tip that could benefit others please post it in the comments box below and I can add it to this list.

This list is a personal tip overview for me when setting up new email campaigns and like you I'm always learning too.

To your success bye for now.
David Arm.

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