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The David Arm Show is There's been lots of talk about lead funnels and email marketing. The problem is, to get a funnel working is costly with paid advertising unless your product or service sells. My podcast is about setting up your email funnel and lead funnel from free traffic. Once you get the free traffic working and converting, you can then upscale with paid advertising.
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Jul 6, 2018
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Lead Generation

I want to make a clear distinction here in that lead generation is not traffic sources although you want to track what traffic sources bring in the most leads (email signups). The lead generation part is from the point your visitor gets onto your list.  

Why the visitor is not lead generation before they are on your list

  • You may want to try one or more traffic source and track what traffic gets the most people onto your list which may be free traffic or paid traffic and be very changeable as you drop and change sources. At this point, they still need to know like and trust you (this comes later) but you're just getting them onto your list for now. So track source to email signup. For this, I use Google Analytics.
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  • Many users may just be freebie seekers and sign up for your free gift and have no further interest. [vertical_spacing height="15"]
  • Maybe a competitor or someone analysing your signup process. Don’t be alarmed as someone trying to copy your style is not you and their inconsistency will show which is another reason to be yourself when you email.

What lead generation is

  • The ability to tell a story in a three-part narrative Start, Middle and End with a call to action to build trust with your email list so they feel like they know like and trust you. Obviously, each email is a true story that happened to you or an experience your client had. Here is a short example of my story which I talk about in one of my emails.
    • Start - I built an email list within 5 days of 683 people and sold 43 products[vertical_spacing height="15"]
    • Middle - and told my work I did two training courses on email marketing and got the above results.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
    • End - My work said my process would not work for them which left me speechless and I started this blog and held nothing back to help others experience my success and to get testimonials to prove my success can be duplicated for many businesses.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
    • Call to action - Join my free Facebook group where I answer all questions so you can see the same results.
The above bullet points are my true story which you may have had a similar experience with your clients and when you talk about positive results with your experiences over email and blogs, your credibility with your email readers grows which builds trust and likability and improves your chances of doing business.  

Now you know what Lead Generation is. How do you set one up?

The key is to have an automated system that does the following
  1. Score an email subscriber when you send an email and they read the email and click the link in the email to learn more which takes them to a blog = 10 points.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
  2. Tag the email subscriber where they clicked a link to visit a blog with the blog title or id so you can group interests together for a trigger to fire. More on triggers next.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
  3. Set up triggers that send an email inviting your email reader to a sales video or page if the user score hits 50 points as 4 or 5 pages of content should be enough to let an email reader see you are knowledgeable in your niche and let your email reader decide if they know like and trust you and now see your offer and should have warmed to you and be more likely to buy your product or service.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
  4. Send an email tip daily for the first 5 days when the user joins your email list as they are most responsive. Then weekly, if after 6 or 8 weeks an email user does not open an email reset their score to zero as it means the last 6 or 8 weeks have not been of interest or your email reader. Or your email reader is not at a place to buy and you could look at the tags to see what blogs they looked at and send out a personal email offering help or free consultation.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
  5. If after 6 months the email readers do not open any emails remove them from your email list as they are not a good fit for your product or service.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
  6. Boom - you have an automated lead generation system where you just send traffic to. Ok, there is a bit more to it as you need to monitor the effectiveness of each automated email and fix where needed. This becomes more of a housekeeping process where split test the weakest email and split test to improve conversions. That's for another blog.

The services that work for this blog are ActiveCampaign and Mautic.

  • While Mautic is my prefered choice, it’s not for everyone as you need to self-host which may be an easy or nightmare learning curve depending on your experience.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
  • If you chose ActiveCampaign. Select the Plus option for lead scoring.[vertical_spacing height="15"]
This is not an extensive list of low-cost products that do tagging and lead scoring, it’s two products I have used and tested thoroughly. If you have a product to recommend please click the Facebook link and share it in the post. Got a question? Ask it in the Facebook Group. This link will take you to the correct Facebook post where I answer all question, so don’t struggle.
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