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The David Arm Show is There's been lots of talk about lead funnels and email marketing. The problem is, to get a funnel working is costly with paid advertising unless your product or service sells. My podcast is about setting up your email funnel and lead funnel from free traffic. Once you get the free traffic working and converting, you can then upscale with paid advertising.
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Sep 13, 2019

I’m always intrigued in the way other expert email marketers creatively use autoresponders. These tips are from looking at many expert forums and the many “ah ha” moments other experts shared. I hope you find these tips as useful as I do and are now my standard process when setting up autoresponders for other people. So let's jump right in.


Auto Responder Uses

Client Birthday Campaign - When you get new clients, add their date of birth to your contact list and set up a trigger on your AutoResponder, that if today matches their month and day of birth, then send a happy birthday email, discount voucher, either something meaningful or of value.

This technique can also be used for Christmas and Easter. It's a great way of keeping you fresh in your client's mind.

Send Weekly reports automatically With fixed links - Many times you need to email your client a progress update whether this is a PDF, spreadsheet or a general summary.

A great way to do this is to have a link on a web server that links to a file and has that link as a weekly email in your autoresponder where you only replace the Old file with a new file and keep the same filename, so the URL never changes, only the document changes with the latest updated information then your done. The automation takes over on autopilot with your Autoresponder.

This is a great way to keep to weekly reports and their deadlines which automatically gets sent out on autopilot. Just means you need to make sure the report is ready the previous day and uploaded to the link which gets sent out by email’.


Auto Fill Forms - Leads Bridge is a fantastic service that integrates into your website and syncronises either the users Google account details or their LinkedIn account details and auto-populates forms your visitor or clients come to on your site, from email signups, shipping details etc. When they enter their name, the form automatically fills out the rest of the details which is fast and convenient for potential clients or existing clients to fill out. This gives the user gives a great user experience as it saves them tying out email addresses, billing addresses, phone numbers etc.


Notification when your client is on your site.

Most autoresponder software will let you put tracking code into the back end of your website and when your autoresponder sends an email with a URL to visit a page on your site and those visitors who visit your website, flag to your email autoresponder which you set up a trigger on your autoresponder and once running sends you, or another team member an email with the visitor's email address. Which gives you a great chance to give the client a call asking if you can help with anything.


Email Challenges with daily emails

Sometimes we feel like we want our autoresponders to do magical things and then we think that's crazy. Then we wonder how other companies pull it off.

A great tip here is, there are many Facebook groups that cover autoresponders as we don't know everything, so join those groups and ask questions that you would like to be possible, but not sure if they are, as there will always be an expert who has done what you need before you and will share the advice for free.

I have learned many things this way and not just on Autoresponders, but SEO and development too.


Use Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager - At first glance, it looks complicated. Thankfully there are loads of YouTube videos that focus on One clear function at a time.

One function I love about Google Tag Manager is, it can look at a form or a page then submit a tag to that page before it submits to your Autoresponder.

An example of this could be when a user subscribes to your website, you can add an additional field. Google Tag Manager can populate that additional field before the form gets sent to your autoresponder, so you know what page on your website got the sign-up.

Where this is beneficial is. If you have lots of pages and lots of people signing up, you can tag each email address at sign up which then tells you each person's interest when you want to send an email so you can group each person who signs up by the page topic or page tag they signed up by, meaning you can send very relevant emails to that group of your email list.

Even better, you can start an automation sequence based on a tag making the whole process automated. At least if your email server supports tagging. If you're not sure, drop your email service an email asking if they support tagging and automation from tags.


Integrate Push Notifications from your autoresponder

With GDPR more people now use double opt-in. One issue with this is not all emails get sent instantly and lower conversion rate for those who give up for the evening and check their emails the next day and skip your email in the masses.

This is why many marketers have a push notification accept button on their thank-you page saying “to get early bird notification of new hints and tips please accept the push notification and click Allow.

Then once the confirmation email gets sent, a Zapier trigger gets fired and sends a push notification to your new-subscribers desktop or mobile phone telling them to check their email which you have sent saying something like “You have just received an email from to get your download”. This process catches more missed opportunities and gives you a higher signup conversion.



This has been a whirlwind tour and while not every top tip is here. If you feel I have missed a major tip that could benefit others please post it in the comments box below and I can add it to this list.

This list is a personal tip overview for me when setting up new email campaigns and like you I'm always learning too.

To your success bye for now.
David Arm.

Sep 10, 2019

I learned the hard truth about lead Generation and I want to share with you what eventually worked for me and how you can jump ahead of the game and not make the same mistakes as I did.

So let’s crack on… But first, if you think you can jump on and hit a winning lead Generation system overnight this is not for you.

1,939 Followers From Free Traffic In 12 Weeks, 182 Profile Visits in 7 Days

When I first started Instagram everyone was giving me advice how to get more followers, the problem was after 4 weeks I had 15 followers I couldn’t get things working I hunted YouTube videos, Udemy course and this turned it around for me.

First, the advice they gave me was to not use automated software to get follows as you will get your account banned.

Yet on the training course I did it told me to use follow adder a cheap product which follows 100 people per day on a Hashtag you pick for your niche and it waits two days then un-follows people who do not follow you back.

On the back of that software running, you need to do a daily post to keep your followers interested in what you do. Now I’m at 1,900+ followers.

The one piece of advice I would give anyone is, to keep your content relevant to one theme or niche or you end up risking your lead Generation source being about all things and master of none.

On the back of this I got 8 email subscribers from posting to Instagram daily to writing this blog, the last 4 email subscribers were in the last 7 days.

The lesson here is now I know what’s converting to email sign-ups, I can now test paid advertising.

Yup, I know many people go paid advertising first for fast targeted traffic and get faster results as they fail faster and test faster.

However, that’s not what this test is about, as when I first tried paid advertising I spent $1200 and made $200 on selling a product which means I spent all my cash getting a working conversion funnel, then ended up $1,000 out of pocket as my product price point was too low, but that’s for another day.

Today is all about email sign-ups from Instagram.

Just know I tested free traffic over 12 weeks to get a new campaign working and now it’s working I can use paid advertising.

This is the hard truth that doesn’t sell and most people don’t talk about. And that is what it takes to make a new idea convert. The testing, changing and testing again.

If you have done this before, you know to have a budget to test on paid advertising, if you haven’t done conversion testing before, I would tell you to pick a free traffic source and focus on the 200% till you get it converting for you.

Then move to paid advertising to upscale fast.

New Funnels Are Broken. It’s How You Fix It That Makes Or Breaks New Leeds

On my traffic increase, I was seeing more and more followers liking my photograph posts but no one was visiting my Instagram profile (photos and text made on Canva a free app and website).

The thing is with Instagram; it only allows you one link, and that link is on your profile. So you must drive visitors from your photograph to your profile. From the profile link to your website which will more than likely be a landing page with an offer of a free PDF download in return for the visitor’s email address.

It was only when I put a white bar across the bottom of my photos with the text. “Free download in my profile” that I got visitors on my profile.

The amount of visitors I got jumped from a couple of visitors a week over 150+ profile visits a week. But still no email sign-ups.

It was only after trying different ad text on my profile which matched my landing page that eventually I saw people subscribing to my email list from Instagram thank goodness.

So, you need to be prepared to try 5 or 6 profile descriptions, written in Ad format with free Instagram traffic to see what works best for you.

The more Instagram traffic you get, the faster you can test. So keep looking for popular Hashtag in your niche.

First, I would search for a Hashtag of interest, in the example I chose #socialmediastrategy first, then I moused over all images to see their love count, looking for images with the highest values e.g.

Once I find an image with a high love count, I click on that image up and look at the description and copy the hash tags and post them on my next post.

This is how I get my images in front of lots of viewers.


Your lead generation questions Define Your Business Model

I keep seeing people when I give them a-like, automatically they send me a direct message telling me they can build my list for me which is crazy I don’t even know them and they want my money in return to build my Instagram follows.

At first, I thought this method was amazing but testing showed this method does not work, I quickly realised all I did was annoy people and quickly switched this off.

I then gave one tip in one photo each day, which was The Turning Point for my Instagram likes and profile views.

My testing has shown me that in a world of people wanting everything now that patience is the best process. What I man by this is, give value, and only offer to help when you have done it yourself.

Best Lead Generation Sources But Only If You Get Them To Work For You

I could tell you the best lead sources from Pinterest to YouTube and Instagram but unless your message has an interest to the readers.

Your message won’t be read. An example of this as when someone is looking for weight loss, there are lots of pages offering advice and nothing stands out.

If you talked about, how weight loss made you feel physically, you are now different from the other pages round about you which makes your page stand out.

When you take this approach, more people like your page and click the share. As sharing becomes beneficial or easy for them to find should they want to reference again.

Which on its own has benefits as their followers see their shares which includes your page? So you need to be thinking what’s round about your message so you stand out when looking at traffic sources to test and use to see what works best for you.

A Note To Marketers Looking For An Overnight Win

When I wrote blogs, especially when I posted blogs on other sites, I expected to see a burst of traffic overnight.

Here’s what happens. Your Paige gets seen by a few and depending on the site algorithm and how the reader uses your content by view time spent or shares depends on how the site algorithm sees your content and gives it more views whether that be promoting on its own search or users sharing your content for others to see.

It’s a slow process which could take a couple of weeks rather than overnight or longer.

The best advice here would be to keep writing and check back on a fortnightly basis to see how many views your content is getting and what content is working best for you

Software I Use And Why

One benefit of being experienced and lead Generation and email Marketing is when you’ve been in the game long enough you have tried a lot of different software and you have your favourites your favourites may be defined by options or they could be because of a lack of options that easy to work with below is my personal favourites and why I like them.

  • Activecampaign because the automation is easy and I love to tag my emails against the blogs they visited so I know what email address I looked at what blog meaning when I email that address I can focus my emails to a group of interested people with the right email.
  • Instagram has been great at driving Leeds to my landing page but only after a lot of trial and error which I covered in this page it may seem frustrating but it’s well worth hanging in there as you will see great results at so far for me at 0 cost however Instagram is always changing and I can’t guarantee how long I will keep getting free traffic from them but for now it works and I like it.
  • For my hosting I use WordPress on solid state hard disks with a service called rocket space because they are affordable let you host multiple websites worth fast performance.
  • for Domain name hosting. I like this site as the response time to initialise the domain name when typed into a user’s browser as fast also the management console in the back-end is easy to understand and let me do a sub-domain forward for my tracking software which is a benefit and easy to set up.
  • CloudFlare I always create a free account and add my website to that free account as CloudFlare gives you a free SSL certificate for your website what you need when using Google and padlocked provides safety to your readers for visitors there are many other benefits to CloudFlare as they are the number one security website so any hack attempts get routed Elsewhere and not to your site giving you an added protection of safety and that just under 3 plan I don’t take out a paid plan as the pre-plan works just fine.


My conclusion on lead Generation is, it’s powerful but don’t expect overnight wins and keep up consistency.

I understand this may seem frustrating. most times, it seems like you are writing and writing and writing and not seeing any benefit.

just keep checking on a two-week basis, what I mean by that is don’t write content check your results in two weeks then change it.

I mean, right content checking in two weeks to see where it’s at then check in another two weeks to see has it gone up or down and then change it.

I hope you found this article useful and if you feel I’ve missed anything out please leave a comment below. To your success and have a great day.

David Arm

Sep 6, 2019

An autoresponder is the product and a drip campaign is one way to use the product to send emails automatically at separate times or days.

In this blog I will talk about the top features of using an autoresponder and drip campaigns so let’s crack on.


What’s The Difference Between Autoresponders And Drip Marketing

The difference between an autoresponder is more to do with the amount of autoresponders on the market.

Whereas if you’re doing drip marketing.

You could have a flow that mimics a process e.g.

Someone subscribes. Instantly send an email to welcome them.

The next day email out a tip.

The next day again email another tip.

The next day again email another tip.

And then the next day for those on your email list who have read the last 3 emails.

Send out an invite to your sales video.

I would call this process a drip campaign.

There are many autoresponder providers from A-Weber, Activecampaign, drip, MailChimp, Sendingblue, Convertkit etc.

Then there are other advanced services you pay more money for which are more like a business CRM solution.

This is where you have to be careful as picking an autoresponder that does not have all the features you require could leave you learning then using the product only to realise…

You can’t complete your email marketing tasks effectively.

This is where you have to look at what you’re trying to achieve in your marketing. Then go after an autoresponder to fit your needs.

We’ll talk more in on how to work out what your needs are before you pick an autoresponder and run drip campaigns.


Campaigns Vs. Automation – Drip Knowledge Base

A campaign is the process you want your system to carry out.

The automation is done once you have your campaign planned out. 

So let’s carry on and look at three different campaign ideas.

  1. Campaign idea – Dealing with new subscribers to your website. You set up an email form on one of your landing pages.

    You drive adverts or social traffic to that landing page with your email form.

    When someone enters their email address into the sign up page, the autoresponder adds the new email address to your autoresponder.

    Then your autoresounder sends the person an email asking them to click the link to confirm they requested you’re free download.

    Over the next 3 days you will email out one tip a day and on the fourth day you will email out an email asking the person to visit your sales video by clicking the link to learn more.

  1. Campaign idea – Each month you send out a 3 or 4 day email with one tip a day.

    On the 4th or 5th day, you send out an invitation to learn more with a link or button to visit your sales video.

    The best time to send this style of email campaign is on, or just after payday to the people on your list as this has a better chance of getting a sale from your sales video.

  1. Campaign idea – Put your autoresponder tracking code onto every web page on your website.

    When you send out an email tip once a day for 3 or 4 days. You set up a rule to notify you once one of your list members click on the link in the email to visit the blog that ties in with that days email.

    This gives you a nearly real-time notification that the person has read your email and they have also jumped onto your webpage blog to read more information.

    If you’ve collected their phone number, you can call them and say “hey how’s things going” and offer your help.

    You will get the response “Wow, great timing I’m on your website right now” which starts a conversation with a better mood than a cold call.

Now you have your campaign flow created. Time to set up each flow in your autoresponder which may be different depending on the autoresponder service you chose.


Do Drip Campaigns Really Work?

Drip campaigns work well providing they are set up correctly.

Drip campaign work best when you setup tracking.

The reason for tracking is not all emails are equal and you want to use tracking to see what emails get the high interest and emails that don’t.

Please note… An average drip campaign needs to has one email a week minimally, else you lose interest. 

There is another factor many marketers forget about.

This factor is called “the interest factor” and the way you keep someone’s interest with your email Marketing is to tell a story.

A story is not make-believe. A story is where you talk about a client success or something you came across during your struggles and what’s working well for you.

Your story must also be true.

When you set up this process correctly, you draw in people’s attention and interests.

Here’s some great book on Amazon if you want to learn more:- 
Storytelling Marketing Branding

What people don’t tell you when email Marketing is.

You need to find your writing style and it’s by tracking emails that you send where you see the emails get more interest than others.

It’s this observation and stats that over time will tell you what’s working best for your audience which becomes your writing style.

Once you find your writing style your emails work effectively.

If you already have a great writing style. Fantastic, if not check out these books on the Amazon:

storytelling marketing Branding

As you need to get your writing style working well! To get a high response rate.

That being said, you can still get interest right away just not as much as when you get your writing style perfected.

Learning to write stories with email Marketing is a journey.

Do not let this journey put you off.

If you have not been doing email Marketing successfully, reading the following books from Amazon will help.

I linked to the books above so you see an instant improvement.

The idea here is once you have five or six weeks worth of emails you look at the stats.

The emails that do poorly, you swap out after a hundred visits with poor action and emails that do well; You keep.

By doing this over the month, your email automation will improve dramatically along with turning cold leads into warm leads and then onto sales.


Broadcast Emails vs Autoresponder – When and Which to Use

When to use a broadcast email versus an autoresponder automated email.

What you do with the autoresponder is…

Set up weekly emails and if you find a particular email, is not doing well!

Write another email and broadcast it out to see if it performs better and swap out with the autoresponder sequence if its better.

Another use of a broadcast email is…

To send out tips weekly by email and use a broadcast email to send out your offer.

Example, if you’ve been sending out a tip each week and you know your list readers get paid at the end of the month.

You could send out an offer at the first of the month using a broadcast email.

Another use of a broadcast email could be.

Early bird notification of an event which has it’s own mini-series of emails.

For the users on your list who click the link in the early bird notification email to visit the event details.

An automated trigger can switch them off your weekly emails and over to the Early bird series of emails, then switch them back to weekly after the event. 


Email Marketing “Autoresponder Campaigns” Explained

A campaign is the content and the autoresponder is the application which processes your campaign content.

When you want to send out autoresponder campaigns, you have to be thinking what kind of information would you want to send out.

Would it be a sub niche of your list? Where you can track the readers who opened the email and tag them to that email interest.

You could have a strategy to send out emails with some information that link back to a blog and on your site and have the email autoresponder tracking code on each blog page.

So, when you email to your list reader who’s met the above tag criteria. The traking code adds a tag to your email readers email address.

Then you can use a trigger which emails you when a blog tag is added to a list members email address.

This also lets you write future emails that are super focused based on the blog tag now attached to your email readers entry.

Once you group your list by tag, by interest, you can have multiple autoresponders sending to different tag groups improving your chances of getting a sale.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is your marketing flow.

You’ve got to be thinking of your whole marketing process and the process could be:-

  • You get a lead from paid advertising.
  • Will it be a Facebook campaign a paid YouTube advert a magazine television radio advert, etc.
  • Then from your paid media you drive traffic back to a landing page on your website.
  • That landing page offers a gift in the form of a downloadable PDF or a discount item or a physical product for free.
  • In order for the visitor to get the free product they have to enter either an email address by name phone number business address or a combination of all.
  • Then you lead score how many actions that your email reader has taken e.g. 10 points for each action. 

    Actions can be from reading an email then clicking the link on that email to visit a blog (10 points). 

    At the bottom of each blog, have a call to action to a follow on blog. 

    This is so your email reader checks out more than one blog where each blog visited can be worth 10 points.
  • Once the email reader visits enough blogs.

    Behind the scene, your autoresponder is counting the scores and when the points hit a value you set e.g. 

    I use 50 points e.g. (1 email and 4 blogs) you can set up a notification to give a personal call or email them a sales video.

So, it’s about taking your manual process and automating as much as you can with your autoresponder.

I call this “your automated marketing funnel”.


Auto responder campaigns

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog on autoresponders and drip marketing.

If you would like to learn more check out my website by signing up to my email list below and getting the free eBook:

Have a great day you rock.

Sep 2, 2019

When I first started email Marketing I used paid advertising to build my list, it was great, so many leads coming in.

However… I quickly realised that I could not convert my leads to sales.

I’d spent $1,200 building an email list of 800 people and no one purchased from me.

I tried to promote an affiliate offer to my list which never sold.

I tried a different affiliate offer and on and on I went as my email list became unresponsive.

At this point I realised I had wasted a lot of money.


What happens if you need to build an email list and have no money?

This was the situation I was in.

I had to find free traffic sources, so I googled best free traffic sources and started posting on Instagram Twitter Facebook and Pinterest.

Day after day I was posting content, I thought after a week this is great something must happen, so I keep going for another week and another week and 3 more weeks!

I wasn’t getting any more leads on my list so what was going wrong.


I posted content for 5 weeks with loads of likes but no email sign ups

 loads of likes but no email sign ups

I was getting views but no email sign ups!

What was going wrong?

I checked Google Analytics to make sure the traffic came from valid sources which was hard to tell.

I then used a paid traffic tracking service that was only $20 a month and guaranteed all bot-traffic would get blocked and only valid traffic (real humans) would pass. 

And any paid traffic sources would be logged correctly.

This started me off on my quality of traffic breakdown.

What I learned was:

  • When people click on an advert they half expected to be a sales product and if they get a free gift instead of a sale’s page, its a benefit.

    Now they are more likely to pop in their email address for my download.

  • When people visit blogs or posts round the internet and click on a link for more information, but that link jumps across to a page that has an email address people feel cheated and we’ll just close the page.

This was both crazy and exciting!

I just realised I had hit my first mind set issue while frustrating and I didn’t know what to do it was time to jump back onto Google to do more research.


OMG – people’s mindset is actually a thing?

Now from the previous section, I have worked out the issue was found to people’s mindset and Googled mindset for 4 hours before I had a solution to test.

Here’s what I learned.

When you offer someone a free download who have come from anywhere other than a paid ad you really need to oversell.

I know this sounds crazy, but you need to give exceptional value by adding bullet points of the end goal that your reader would have by entering there email address and downloading your free eBook.

Once I learned this, I used this method in my free downloads and tried it on paid advertising to free downloads also.

For me, conversions on both free traffic and paid traffic began to work well.


Use storytelling to put your message across

While I was on the mindset path I also had a lot of reference to storytelling.

Not the kind where you’re telling fibs but putting your experience or a client experience into a story.

As it turns out, we love hearing stories.

It’s one of those aha moments that when you read it you start to think of all the people who have the gift of the gab and can hold people’s attention anywhere from a night out with some drinks and dinner to a day out.

Some people just have that charisma.

Not me, I need to work hard at it and this is my story. 

While I’m still learning the art of storytelling, I understand when people tell stories about their day and how they make it exciting.

I now understand the process that’s going on which is kind of cool.

I don’t say anything, I just listen to different styles.

Next time you’re out and one of the group who holds everyone’s attention with a story, look at some of these traits and I bet they are using them whether or not they know it.

  • Someone else is the hero.
  • Something scary or silly happened.
  • The story teller had to interact with the person to keep them right or laugh with them.
  • The storyteller had to show the hero a better way.
  • Then the story teller talks about how this helped the hero.

This could be a friend talking about something that happened with a work colleague during the day or at some other point.

So the question is…

How can you take those processes and turn them into a story for your potential client or a for your email list?


I tell stories on Instagram and get more profile visitors checking me out

After learning these methods I wondered if this would work on Instagram too.

You see I use Instagram to drive traffic through to my squeeze page so it’s in my best interest to get as many people to check out my Instagram profile from Instagram then click on the link on my Instagram profile to visit my squeeze page.

Now when I post an image, I put a short message on each image asking the person to check out my free download and my profile and a message on my photo.

when I took this approach, I saw a lot more clicks on my Instagram posts which in turn means a lot more visitors to my profile page with the link back to my website.


IFTTT to automate my Instagram post to Twitter For More Leads to my squeeze page

As, this worked well on Instagram for me, I thought what if I posted my Instagram posts to Twitter and something crazy happened!

When you post from your phone and share your post from Instagram to Twitter, the image gets dropped and the post is a snippet of text?

Not very glamorous.

This had me posting manually to Twitter which became a pain and was taking up time I didn’t want to spend but I wanted the Leeds.

As I was still testing I had a hunt about the internet and came across a free service called IFTTT.

This service synchronise accounts while doing clever stuff, from taking the weather in your local area and posting it to your calendar so it’s there for you first thing.

But I use it to take anything I post to Instagram keep the proper format and put it onto Twitter and it worked a treat.

On my first testing the traffic I got from Twitter was just short of 30 visits in a day which for free traffic is awesome especially when you compare it to paid traffic on Facebook which can be anywhere from $2 to $8.


Once free traffic starts to come in and converts. Now What?

Now you’re seeing trickles of free traffic coming in, it’s time to test conversions.

I see too many people get hung up on what conversion to look at.

Here’s what you need to do, don’t look at overall conversions.

Check data points to see what’s happening at different stages to find overall bottlenecks.


Conversion stats and looking for bottlenecks

When you look at traffic to your website, you will check:

  • How much traffic comes from social sites to your landing page
  • Your landing page traffic to email sign ups
  • Email sign ups to action takers.
  • Action takers to sales from your email list.

As you can see from the steps above if you just looked at traffic into your site and email sign ups you may see some sites convert better than others and you would be right.

However, what you are missing is that each traffic source has its own way of talking to people to build trust before they drive them to you website landing page.

An example of this is when I take paid traffic to a landing page from Facebook.

My landing page has an image of an eBook and text then an email box, this works great.

However, when I take traffic from Instagram to a landing page and have a picture of an eBook download the conversions are terrible.

Instagram works better when you bullet point the end goal the reader will get when they get your eBook.

Therefore, you must taste each source to landing page, then you can take the worst conversion pages to see if you can get that traffic source working better providing the traffic source sends decent traffic to your site.

There becomes a fine line where your efforts could be better focused on improving conversions on sites giving more traffic.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the Facebook group, link below.

You have a great day. You rock.



You need to get traffic sources to your website.

If you don’t have money to test on advertising, test with free traffic from social sites then work on your conversions to email sign ups.

Then work on your email list to sales.

Once you get your conversions working and your site email list selling

Its time to reinvest as much money as you can in traffic to upscale for more profit.